A large format reflex camera

Mentor Studio Reflex.png

This is a large format reflex camera called Mentor Studio Reflex. This means that there is a mirror inside the camera that projects the image onto the view finder on the top of the camera. The mirror is moved away at the time the picture is taken. This also means that the camera has an integrated shutter mechanism that is synchronized with the mirror.

The size of the accepted film is 9×12 cm that is slightly smaller than more familiar 4×5 inch format.

What you see here from left to to right is first the shutter controls, followed by the focusing knob, lens holder with tilt as twist knobs and finally lens. Unopened view finder can be seen on the top of the camera.

This type of the camera has the following advantages over more traditional view cameras:

  1. installing the film does not block the view finder and it is therefore possible to take more candid photographs of the live subjects,
  2. integrated shutter allows to use older lenses without integrated shutters.

Naturally there are also disadvantages:

  1. while relatively light, the moving mirror will induce some additional vibrations while taking the picture,
  2. it would be more cumbersome to use lenses with the integrated shutters (either camera shutter or the lens shutter must be disabled).

The camera came only with a single film holder. I acquired recently few more film holders that appear to fit (after some thickness fine tuning). The package included an Rollex-Patent roll film (120) holder that also appears to fit nicely.


The photo experimenter

The photography is a field with an incredible history and while the recent advancements on the digital landscape have pushed the film photography into a speciality status then there is so much to be discovered for somebody who has mostly restrained itself for the 135 film and digital cameras.

Discoveries can not be made without experimentation. Experimentation requires care and patience and to be worthful – documentation and sharing in hopes to gain even wider knowledge and enlightment.

This is what this blog is going to be about and I believe that the name “Photo Experimenter” will become a good summary for it.